First Official Q&A for Cleaning Up in a Dirty Business



Sylvia Browder has done an amazing Q&A session with me about my first book, entrepreneurship, and being a woman in business. Here is the first half of the interview.

Sylvia: Welcome Ms. Cora Schupp. Please give our readers an introduction of yourself and a little about your book.

Cora: Besides having raised a family, run two janitorial companies, and being currently self-employed doing bookkeeping and accounting, I am a published woman author. The book was written for people who want to start their own business; to give them the information and focus needed, from someone who had already successfully achieved that goal. It is part of Curve Communication’s “Learning Curve” Series.


Sylvia: Great! I was so excited when you contacted me because my very first business was a janitorial company. In the 3 years of running it, I quickly became a 6-figure company. The industry is very lucrative and as you mentioned in our email exchange, it is recession proof! So, I salute you for sharing your experience with other women. What inspired you to write your first book?

Cora: I always wanted to write, and so many things happened to me during the 20 years I ran a janitorial business, that no one would believe me – truth is stranger than fiction. Too often women are told that they can’t do something, or that it is too hard. Let them find their strengths for themselves, and if I can be a mentor, even better.


Sylvia: Awesome Cora! You are an inspiration to women. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Cora: I want to emphasize to everyone, not just women, not to let lack of education or experience hold you back. Use your talents and strengths to grow your own business, not someone else’s.

You can access the full interview on Sylvia Browder’s website.

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